Early simple to Create opportunities in Business

Early simple to Create opportunities in BusinessIt is true that many of these garages are legendary places that have been home to large business projects, but it’s still pretty interesting and inspiring to see how companies worldwide impact born in a garage and then expanded thanks to the passion and determination of its founders.

Have compiled some of the stories of companies that were born in a garage. I invite you to briefly know these places and entrepreneurs behind each of these large companies. If you know any other similar story , feel free to share it in the comments.

Great companies born in a garage

1. Apple

In 1976 , Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak with Apple began in the garage of the house of the father of Jobs in Palo Alto, California.

Some say the father of Steve Jobs worked on the early Apple and even sold his truck to give that money to his son and could start with the business.

Currently Apple is one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the technology industry. Throughout its history it has been responsible for revolutionizing several markets with innovative products.

2. Microsoft

In 1975 , Bill Gates with Paul Allen founded Microsoft in the garage where the car was kept the Gates family .

Years later, Microsoft would become the company the world’s largest software and make its founders billionaires .

Currently Bill Gates stopped directing the company to focus on the foundation that started with his wife , and although the company has lost ground to rivals like Apple and Google , remains one of the major competitors in the technology industry.

3. Google

In 1998 , Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in a garage rented to Mrs. Susan Wojcicki for $ 1,700 monthly . Google really born in the bedroom of Larry Page , but was later forced to move to the garage to have a social headquarters and to cash a check had managed to continue with your project.

Currently Google is the most important and powerful Internet company. In addition , its advertising system is a reference on the web and allows you to position itself as the company that earns money through online advertising. Years and years of innovations make it one of the most powerful companies in the technology industry.

4 . Hewlett Packard

In 1939 , Bill Hewlett and David Packard joined forces to found the company in a garage Hewlett Packard (HP ) and pioneer in the business of technology in America.

The garage where Hewlett Packard was born is an almost mythical place among lovers of technology and has become a very attractive tourist site.

Hewlett Packard currently competes in the technology industry with various products and electronic devices among which are computers, calculators , printers, etc .

5. Disney

In the early ’20s , Walt Disney and his brother Roy came to the city of Los Angeles to produce animated shorts , and the garage of one of his uncles became the workshop where these two entrepreneurs captured their first ideas about animation and early projects will materialize .

Currently Disney is a legendary company that has created iconic character who for years have entertained generations of children and adolescents .

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