An Insight into Myanmar’s Ecommerce Industry

Myanmar is a country in flux and modern infrastructure will allow the country to advance rapidly in terms of app development and tech innovation. Women bring important perspectives on content, design and user experience that will allow entrepreneurs to reach their audiences in thoughtful and progressive ways.

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There are 4 key sectors for Myanmar to pull off momentous business boost in terms of growth. These include:

  1. Transformation in digital infrastructure; An important use of Technology in Business
  2. Sectorial shift from agricultural to manufacturing
  3. Expansion of well-planned urbanization
  4. A globally-connected economy

These road maps are crucial elements to Myanmar’s future business development. The implementations for these categories are rapidly happening as the new government continues to push faster and enables international investors with the ease to operate their business inside Myanmar.

There is a strong sentiment across several sectors, including NGOs and humanitarian groups, that e-commerce are playing a driving role in shaping Myanmar’s future and Doing Business with the use of the Website is get more and more popularity.

Myanmar is still in its infancy from the consequence of years of close-economy. Inadequacies in standard infrastructure, health care, limited know-how human resources, and financial institutions are still visible. It is a common scenario in many emerging markets with political transition. And yet concerted efforts to help Myanmar rebuild by international community and everyday influx of investments from mean, the country is still attractive and offers rooms for development.

Many programs exist to empower women as community leaders and educators. This gives them a platform to influence a traditionally male-dominated field through internet linkages along with face to face meetings. Project W provides regular training sessions in various aspects of running a business.

These can be conducted through the aid of software made available like Skype, Hangouts and IMO. Successful entrepreneurs from Myanmar and abroad speak at meetings, and participants give regular presentations on their business’ progress. This helps them gain confidence in pitching their ideas and helps encouraging business across borders as well.

The global ecommerce giants such as Rocket Internet have introduced the concept of online marketplaces in Myanmar such as, with the intention of helping fresh entrepreneurs showcasing their products online and to boost the local economy. This idea has been positively welcomed by those seeking opportunities to buy/sell online.

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It’s not the lack of skill that prevents women from taking on visible tech roles. Many women graduate with computer science and engineering degrees but take non-technical jobs after school. Many women become lecturers in computer science and engineering, a position that suits their background and society’s perception of teaching as a female profession. That creates a vicious cycle, in which women may be less interested in tech careers and may feel the culture still prohibits them from leading.

Earlier women were long underrepresented in gaming leadership roles. Gaming was seen as a guy’s-only domain because there were no women influencing game creation at the top. When more women were hired in influential positions, there were more varieties in games created and women were more widely accepted as gamers. The same goes for women and men in Myanmar’s tech world. Now they just need to step up as leaders.

Creative ideas Online marketing through Social media

Creative ideas Online marketing through Social mediaFacebook is a part of ads that are on the right side of your wall have always criticized that such ads “do not sell”. This means that companies who pay for such advertising at the end of the day do not see the return on investment because people fail to be influenced by such advertising.

Personally when I tested the ads on the internet that gives Google Adwords and giving Facebook, the Google Adwords were far more effective.

Well, it seems that’s changing thanks to a series of changes introduced by Facebook in their location algorithm advertising (ie allowing an ad on your wall according to your preferences).

These changes have led to be reported in the second quarter of this year to register, for example to the website CareerBuilder, an increase of 18% in its ratio facts clicks on their ads which is obviously a significant increase. The same has been reported by other companies that advertise on Facebook which is very auspicious for Facebook advertising system since had trouble generating revenue of money through this medium.

This is a good sign for Facebook and a very good opportunity for your business idea or company try to advertise using that network as its interface to put ads is much friendlier than Google because it presents a series of options according to the segmentation of our target market with very clear choices as sex, geographic location, age and education of users of Facebook. Continue reading “Creative ideas Online marketing through Social media”

The Best way to Measure errors in Business ability

The Best way to Measure errors in Business abilityWhy not just be on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, we also need to monitor, measure and manage our business presence in these social networks and therefore want to present the 10 best tools absolutely free that will allow them to do that. I must note that there are other platforms but that will be paid subject of another article.

Then the totally free list of these 10 platforms so that from today you can keep track of your company’s presence in social networks:

1. Tweet Deck. This tool allows you to schedule tweets, track references, keywords and personals.

2. Tweet Beep. This tool allows you to receive alerts on Twitter via email, both people and keywords you have previously chosen.

3. Social Mention. This tool integrates into a single search a number of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, micro blogs, YouTube, Google. It gives an in vivo.

4. Pluggio. Twitter only allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously from a single platform. Continue reading “The Best way to Measure errors in Business ability”

The Latest business ideas in Urban Passenger transport

The Latest business ideas in Urban Passenger transportThat’s the business proposal Phytokinetic company, a new idea of ​​ecological business. Phytokinetic has developed a series of products to enable the installation of these gardens on the roofs of buses or trucks. Its functionality is not only aesthetic but also ecological because as discussed in its website, the idea is that these mobile gardens absorb some of the CO2 emitted improving the environment something that they pollute.

Actually I’m not sure that CO2 absorption is meaningful and more insecurity gives me the fact that in the same web of this company the tourist value of this proposal also stands as an additional ingredient of the product with which imply that first it is not so beneficial.

The business proposition of the company, is the way to make money, it is in the sale of all products and concept that are necessary for the installation of these gardens without the car on which they are installed miscarry. As you can imagine some of these gardens require humidity and this may affect the metal and generate corrosion in the car.

The idea to Create insurance for Private vehicles

The idea to Create insurance for Private vehiclesNot think about it if we are bombarded with offers car insurance where they give anything to you buy the insurance company A or company B. However, that would commit the worst mistake would be to take the decision on which car to buy insurance based solely on gifts you get.

Indeed, to me personally I generated much suspicion when it flatters gift is so attractive because it is clear that we want to distract with embellishment instead of explaining the advantages of car insurance they offer.

It is thus essential that before making the decision to purchase insurance that you can then save the hook, carefully read the insurance contract. True, it would be best to read the contract but, let’s face it, nobody does and if we did we would certainly many cosas.

The best advice I can give for this is that order a car insurance quote in writing to each of the insurance companies that may be offering this service in your city. Continue reading “The idea to Create insurance for Private vehicles”

Important changes in the Company Microsoft

Important changes in the Company MicrosoftMicrosoft is one of the largest companies in the world. Your Windows platform is in virtually all PC desktops in the world and in their laptops and although now finally shared some market with Apple, its dominance is unchallenged.

Well, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who succeeded Bill Gates in the conduct of the company, has announced his retirement which will be paid within just one year. The announcement has made the shares rise Microsoft which is a clear indication that investors look favorably on the ad.

The investor enthusiasm is because surely consider new leadership in this company, then recover the vigor I had some years ago and now has lost due to the advance of Apple and Google regarding the market for mobile gadgets and cloud computing where all agree that the future of software.

Changing the CEO of a company like Microsoft is no easy task. The first question is whether the candidate has to come from within the ranks of Microsoft or if the candidate should be sought from outside. For now it is speculated to be an outsider to just give a new vision to Microsoft for example has not been imposed in the tablet market than their Windows Mobile system is quite acceptable. Continue reading “Important changes in the Company Microsoft”

Doing Business with the use of the Website

Doing Business with the use of the WebsiteThe more than 3,000 who have this blog post I will have some 500 revised as required by a service redirection links that had I dropped which caused many links are lost. It was very laborious but I think you update all the links were broken.

To do this I had to check link by link websites and publications that usually I review so as to put the links back (as well imagine has been a super heavy task).

In the process I discovered that a lot of services that have commented on the blog no longer exist. As usual comment on applications, tools and business ideas that have the internet as a platform and have specific web pages. When I went to them to update the link, many pages that are displayed for sale, advertising pages or simply pages that no longer exist.

When I’ve found it, I proceeded to put in the respective post (with capital letters to emphasize it), commented that the service is deactivated. Thereupon I proceeded to annul the links so Google does not punish me for having “broken links”. Of the 500 post that I have reviewed I’ll be found as 30 post in this situation which is far greater than I would have thought.

What about those services or websites that have “disappeared” is simply reached them not having enough acceptance to survive the end they have not even kept existing websites. This online, so I’ve seen, occurs more frequently than I thought.

Strength is Important to Attract consumers

Strength is Important to Attract consumersThe change of a worker for a company is very costly, not only for payments must be made by his departure but also the costs involved hiring a new worker and then train him.

The United States has thus emerged an innovative new policy within companies, still rare but is being analyzed to be very effective, consisting of sabbaticals give your workers so as to retain and further increase productivity since returning fully.

One of these companies is such Clif Bar company offered two months of sabbatical (called sabbatical since it comes from a term used in academia). To win the two-month sabbatical equivalent to a holiday period, you have to have worked seven years in Clif Bar. This unusual policy in the company, has caused rotation of workers is reduced.

Returning addition to the two-month holiday, the worker returns completely renovated and even before that productivity feels the excitement generated by these large paid leave plan that are planned well in advance by the workers of Clif Bar. Continue reading “Strength is Important to Attract consumers”

The importance of the Compatibility of a Product

The importance of the Compatibility of a ProductFirst of all I want to say that since 2008 use Apple products. I have a desktop Mac, MacBook Pro as laptop, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and until recently also had my iPhone 5.

It happens that a couple of weeks make the mistake of putting my iPhone in my swimsuit and I miss carelessness and entered the pool complete with phone makes. I’ve done everything to rescue (rice, dryer and so on) but it was impossible to rescue him. As was near the launch of the new iPhones by Apple decided to wait before buying a new phone from Apple.

As it is virtually impossible to me if a mobile phone decided to try one of Android system, not as expensive as it would be temporary, and I decided on the Samsung Fame that has the Android 4.1.2 version. … Big mistake. Immediately I began to suffer compatibility problems with my contact book Apple.

Not only that, the phone is indeed very slow compared to the iPhone and reaches sometimes even “hang”. Not to mention the screen that makes it difficult or impossible internet browsing so far I have failed to navigate the phone and I are no longer useful applications for business websites often used before. Continue reading “The importance of the Compatibility of a Product”