Different characteristics to determine the State of the market

Different characteristics to determine the State of the marketIf any of these questions have crossed your head, then you will find it interesting to know the conclusions reached by the psychologist Jeff Brown after studying for several years with highly successful people, reviewing their life stories and observing their brain activity to identify characteristics that make them unique.

First, Jeff Brown makes clear that some success is related to luck and the winners if they think differently than those who have never been successful. “People who are successful have learned to optimize their brains,” said the psychologist.

Five principles of successful people

In his research Brown also identified the “brain power tools” that successful people use to achieve their goals. These tools are the principles that are the winners every time they make a decision or take an action towards their goals. Here I share these five secrets of successful people that have been published in an article of the goal I am Entrepreneur.

1. Follow your own path

Successful people have a knack for identifying nontraditional opportunities. They love to walk in ways that nobody else has followed and put a unique touch to every project they undertake. Continue reading

Being a Successful entrepreneur

Being a Successful entrepreneurOf course leaders of entrepreneurship and business in Latin America there is also in this social network. But why is this particular social network, see its utility and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of:

  • Develop a network of contacts national and international that is useful to your career, your enterprise, your business or socializing. Can you imagine what you could achieve if you knew when you were skilled or investor looking to eventually leverage your business?
  • A tool for entrepreneurs
    Boost your image as a professional. Are you looking for work? Did you know that LinkedIn are registered much business managers and human resource much recruiting done searches in this social network?
  • Track companies. Whether to keep abreast of job offers or to offer your products is good idea to companies who are in your target
  • Promote your company.
  • Calls knowledge certifications.

Finally, we invite all to join the new Business and Entrepreneurship group on LinkedIn, where key share of the venture, news, articles, eBooks, contacts, know each project needs, supply and demand, entrepreneurship competitions, among others . Continue reading

Building the Perfect form of Modern marketing

Building the Perfect form of Modern marketingThe ultimate goal of any marketing strategy should be to increase sales, which is why we consider it essential to play at least the most basic and important concept that exists in sales before going to begin to define the strategy. The sales funnel or “Sales Funnel” is the basis on which you will build your entire marketing strategy and sales.

In the illustration below you can see how the traditional sales funnel, most CRM programs still use this methodology has been so successful for many years:

The sales funnel is a simplified representation like (almost) all sales processes. Like any simplification is very useful to understand the system, but does not cover all possibilities, paths and exceptions. Continue reading

Getting a Financial education by Studying the Movement of money

Getting a Financial education by Studying the Movement of MoneyThere could be a wonderful experience with money after acquiring financial education, such as learning to budget. As all know how much they earn each month, so they can know what numbers to adjust your spending.

Acquire financial education means learning the movement of money and develop good money management habits. When you have difficulties with money only means that the habits that are harmful to dominate us money, we have to make some changes.

Those who succeed with money are those with good habits, make budgets, save, seize opportunities, meet their potential, etc..

1. Destine What percentage of income to your savings?

A person with good financial education is financially healthy. Destina from 10 to 30% of their monthly income to savings, if you do not yet time to reorganize your expenses.

2. Destine What percentage to pay mortgage or rent?

Assign more than 30% of your monthly payment of rent or a mortgage can generate strong imbalances in your financial income, for resorting to high-interest debt to fund your living expenses to cover your housing payments can be made to end up with a owe more than the value of your property, be careful. Continue reading

To achieve a successful business How to manage emotions

To achieve a successful business How to manage emotionsEvery entrepreneur wants to be financially healthy, but sometimes what you want and what you do agree no wonder many times “Do not know why I do not get anything I want?” It is important to recognize that if you do not leave the desired results is not we proceeded with the appropriate actions.

1 – Follow a practical financial education courses

One of the main shortcomings of entrepreneurs is that I heard it all, “if, as I was in that course,” “I have several books on financial education”, etc.. If you accept that something is familiar, also agree that there is nothing new.

The novelty in business come from your own experiences, but to assume that you “were on that course,” that “already have those books” anulas curious to know something more, to see your results and take responsibility for them. The best choice is not simply hear or read, but do workshops where you can measure your results.

2 – Smart Money For we must take responsibility for mishandling

If you manage your money well do not need any changes, continues, but the great truth is that nobody is 100% optimal handling money. Good money management can not delegate to a higher being or blame circumstances, you have to take full responsibility.

If you assume responsibility assume you need training, you discard your old habits, strip down those ideas that maybe were your pride.

3 – Invest only what you’re willing to lose

When I was in economic difficulties thought my only chance was to risk all my money in a business that promised big profits. This attitude tends to be more common than we admit. It’s like a game of chance, it happens we have the right vision and marketing campaigns of these businesses encourage us to take attitudes, they say, brilliant to achieve our financial freedom. Continue reading

Online marketing and New digital trends

Online marketing and New digital trendsArrives for the first time in Latin America. Bogota will host this important event where professionals and online digital marketing industry will come together with a single mission: to connect, learn and do business.

It is an opportunity to celebrate with Web Congress the digital revolution, with educational activities designed to promote business on the Internet, especially aimed at entrepreneurs who want to optimize their online sales. It’s the place to share experiences with big companies and brands and thus establish connections with potential customers and partners place.

Web Congress has a long history in cities like Barcelona, ​​Miami, San Francisco, Madrid, Lisbon, London and Bogotá now, with speakers from major technology companies such as Google, Hoot suite, Facebook, Blackberry, Twitter, Microsoft, Spotify, etc..

Through lectures and workshops, participants will interact with experts and professionals in the digital and technology sector. In addition, the event is a great networking interactive space between attendees.

Join the W Experience will attract over 400 professionals who want to expand the scope of their businesses through the latest tools of Digital Marketing. Event that feature more than 20 speakers and 30 brands involved.

Young entrepreneurs who Became millionaires thanks to the Internet

Young entrepreneurs who Became millionaires thanks to the InternetIt is important to note that these are just some of the many online projects that have developed in Latin America , so I would like to invite you to tell us in the comments about other entrepreneurs and interesting projects in the region. I’m sure there are many other inspiring and exciting stories . It would also be good to tell us about your projects and initiatives via the Internet .

Successful web entrepreneurs and startups in Latin America

With different passions , hobbies and interests, but with one thing in common: they are disruptive and passionate entrepreneurs who decided to turn their ideas into reality … You are welcome to learn more of these 11 successful entrepreneurs.

1. Marcos Galperin ( Argentina )

He is the founder of Mercadolibre , the most important platform of e-commerce in Latin America. Came up with the idea of ​​creating Mercadolibre while studying an MBA in business school at Stanford University (USA) . Your finance professor Jack McDonald helped in the initial stage of project development .

2. Henst Christian Van Der ( Guatemala )

A young entrepreneur who describes himself as a ” digital nomad ” . Working since 1997 in online projects. He is the founder of important communities of web masters and web forums .

3. John Freddy Vega ( Colombia )

Passionate about web and future technologies . He is founder of Cristalab , a large community of web design and development .

He is currently working with Christian Van Der Mejorando.la and Platzi Henst in two startups aiming to promote learning about web technologies , digital marketing and online entrepreneurship .

4. Andres Moreno ( Venezuela )

Impossible not to recognize it when he was responsible for commercial starring popular Open Ingles , an initiative that makes learning English a new experience . Continue reading

How to be a Successful manager

How to be a Successful managerWhether as a manager of your own business or someone else’s business , it is important that you develop or possess a number of qualities essential for today’s business environment . What are these qualities? …

Today we want to share a list of ten characteristics and qualities that modern managers must possess to successfully lead your organization.

I’m sure there are many other important qualities , so I invite you to review the list and then leave us your comments by adding other qualities and sharing your thoughts on the subject.

Well , here are our 10 qualities of successful modern manager. Qualities of a successful manager

1. Adaptability

Successful managers are flexible and open minded . Always willing to change and responsive to opportunities that flow from them . Are risky and readily adapt to new and unfamiliar situations . They are like chameleons. Know how to make environmental conditions .

2. Knowledge

To be a good manager is not enough to just have attitude , it is also necessary to have some knowledge and experience with business management.

Certainly there are several cases of successful managers who never went to college, but through his work and dedication empirically acquired knowledge and skills to manage effectively .

The important thing is to always keep a beginner’s mind no matter how high you get in the hierarchy . There is always something new to learn. Continue reading

The most important quality for Modern entrepreneurs

The most important quality for Modern entrepreneursHere I share these interesting techniques you will be excited to implement them and you stimulate your creativity. Do not forget the wise words of Albert Einstein: “In moments of crisis only imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Techniques for stimulating creativity

1. Combine, mix and match

Think of the countless possible combinations you can do with things that are around you … What products could be combined to generate new products?

Major innovations such as camera phones and pencil with eraser included, were established precisely to perform combinations of products that used to be marketed separately.

The possibilities are many and only you’re the one who puts limits to your imagination. Combine, mix and match everything you find on your way and see how many amazing things you can create.

2. Challenge yourself

A human beings we love a challenge and it is to the challenges we get our full potential. Go out for a walk and look at the problems around you, listen to the needs of your family and friends, etc.. and begins to challenge your mind to generate creative solutions to these problems and needs. Continue reading