Sales cycles are Longer and More complex

Sales cycles are longer and More complexSalesmanship is not easy, nor as funny as it was some years ago. In fact, for many marketers has become an exercise in pain tolerance. If used as a celebration by providing a good seal , the ethyl blood levels of these executives are practically nonexistent.

The requirements for sellers are higher than before, because we are not only to a more competitive environment , but to an area that requires more skill.

When you get up at three in the morning , eager to make the sales call that will give you support in the next three months , often wonder how the big sellers not only met, but consistently exceed their target figures .

How to Sell

Well , we look at the best sellers walking the trenches of recognized companies to discover how they manage to sell. What goes through your head when making a sale? , What is your process , how to engage customers ? A seller wholesale , retail , or technology … no matter who it is , you will see the sales process through their eyes, and you will get your three best tips to generate more sales. Continue reading

Starting a business of your Own e-commerce

Starting a business of your own e-commerceIt is necessary, before creating our shop , meet all the technology available to us. Present a selection of the best available on the market today for our eCommerce .

We started with the CMS programs to create our ecommerce store :

  1.     Prestashop : It is certainly the solution most popular e-commerce market , even being one of the last to arrive. An ideal solution for businesses small and medium sized tool, but may be limited to larger businesses. It has a large developer community will allow you to access hundreds of features. Intuitive and easy to use despite being a very complete tool.
  2.     Oscommerce : Another favorite among open source solutions , but presents design constraints. However, it is fair to say that its advantages include the ability to integrate multiple languages ​​and manage shipments by area , weight segments , etc. . Against that despite the simplicity for the initial installation requires add many modules to create the store , which complicates the process of commissioning. Continue reading

Correct application of the Method in business

Correct application of the Method in businessThe area of ​​human resources has been evolving in a very interesting way and today is much broader than it was just a few decades ago . Currently there are a number of new trends and concepts that are worth knowing and applying .

Universia sent us so that we can better understand and understand the tools and trends that need to know the human resource managers .

  1.     Department of Human Resources : While this is not a new concept , it is also true that in most companies HR departments are limited to hiring and firing employees.
  2.     The main objective of this department is to plan , organize , coordinate and control tasks that provide for the efficient development of people. Thus, strategies to help meet individual goals related to work are implemented .
  3.     Human Capital : Currently the staff of a company is no longer just a resource and has become an important factor of production. The concept of human capital refers to the wealth that can be in a factory , company or institution in relation to the qualifications of the staff who work there . Continue reading

What are the differential element of the Enterprise market

What are the differential element of the Enterprise marketChoosing the ideal for our new company or business name is not easy , since there are several key factors to consider .

Brand Union , a global brand consultancy group WPP , in the context of his research on Branding & Startups , defined 5 key to keep in mind to put the name to a startup .

Pilar Domingo, general director of Brand Union in Spain , said:

” Startups are one of the branding challenges of this decade. Talked about young , innovative , courageous and a long road to travel companies. A business can not grow unless it has been appropriately defined from the beginning, and is where brand building takes on a crucial role : value proposition , own and unique personality, and a coherent and consistent visual and verbal identity. “

Here we share these 5 key that insurance will help you choose a good name for your startup :

  1. Abstract . A startup changes its business model 2.7 times on average in the early years. Abstract nouns allow the business model to grow and its evolution into new activities should be irrespective . They also facilitate the difficult task of registering and buying domains . Abstract nouns are clean, empty , without negative meanings in any culture , perfect to give them new meanings. Continue reading

Dreams into reality and Business projects

Dreams into reality and Business projectsPlease do not get stuck with ideas that can change the world for fear of failure or lack of determination and perseverance ; do not let these wonderful ideas remain lost between papers , talks, comings and goings .

Calls and opportunities for entrepreneurs

I encourage you to carefully read each of the opportunities that we present today , and apply their initiatives firmly believing in their ideas and dreams , but with an open mind for all construcctivas critical to enable them to strengthen and promote their businesses to a highest level.

Reach as high as you dream it , it just depends on willpower , discipline, perseverance and faith that you decide to have to win and go beyond where most have arrived.

As always , I invite you to share this information to your contacts and thus help realize the dreams of entrepreneurs seeking more opportunity.

Proper management of the Company’s accounting information

Proper management of the Company's accounting informationIt would be very desirable to have a professional take care of accounting in our company, but if you are the owner or manager of a small company , you must make sure this work.

On this occasion I want to share some tips for management accounting is not a headache in your company. Dare to put them into practice , then tell us what it go .

Keeping the accounts in a company

1. Take advantage of the Tic ‘s:

The time when you had to manually keep track has been left behind. Currently we have plenty of tools, applications and software that allow us to keep accounts in a more optimal and systematic way . There are free options , ideal for small businesses, and other options a bit expensive, but designed especially for large companies . Only a matter of searching, comparing and testing options that fit our needs.

2 . Training and constantly updated :

The accounting issue is quite complex. Constantly new laws and regulations that every company should consider, for this reason it is essential to watch for any developments arising thereon . Continue reading